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  Two years ago in Suchum the book "The Land of Adam" of Lev Regelson and Igor Chvarzkia   was  issued, in which the authors had suggested the hypothesis that the Bible Eden, the Earth Paradise, was located in the middle stream of river Kodor in Abkhazia. The Great Flood described in Bible had occured in the Black Sea and remains of Noah's Arc are hidden somewhere in region Pizunda.

  Some russian newspapers placed the vast comments, but the light irony could be detected in them. The mention about this book and the bold hypothesis of  it's  authors appeared even in  the  established  London  "Times".

  And  now quite unexpectedly they had received the support from american archeologist Robert Ballard, known by his underwater discoveries.  It's possible that in the light of new discoveries our authors book will get a second, more serious and attentive reading up. May it suddenly be that the Earth Paradise is indeed so near to us?

  The Holy Scripture states that the mankind consists of the descendants of Adam and Eve. But accordingly the Bible we may say about us in some  other  way - we are descendants of the Noah. After all, the Great Flood described in Bible had exterminated all the mankind besides the righteous Noah and his relatives; all the present  peoples had sprung from Noah's sons.

  However, according to biblical chronology, Noah and the very first man Adam were living,  as  a  matter of fact, quite recently - several thousands years ago.

  But contemporary archeology leads the origins of human race in the depth of several millions years; even the human being of our biological type, the Cro-Magnon, had existed at least 40 thousands years ago.

  The today's theologians usually don't  argue with scientists, explaining only:  the counting of years in the Sacred book - in Bible - ought not have been understanding literally. However Lev Regelson,  wellknown in religious-philosophers circles and   Igor Chvarzkia, the  abchazian  philologist, consider that biblical data are quite exact and Adam indeed had been living after  the Cro-Magnons.

  "Why! - the reader may say. - It turned, the Cro-Magnons were not the human beings?" No, no,  Regelson  and  Chvarzkia  don't  doubt  about   their  "humanity" (at least,  in possibility,  having  been reared properly). But simultaneously they don't  doubt that we all are the children as Adam so Noah.

  However in the description of Great Flood, if read it on the language of original, the words about water which covered "all the earth" , "all the high mountains"   should  be understood only as metaphor. It means the Flood was "world-wide" not in our present understanding of this word, but only for that "world", for these  regions, about which the Bible talks.

  But one riddle remains, which seems unexplainable: how in this case all the people, on different continents of earth, turned out to be the  Noah's  descendants, if the  hearths of adamic  civilisation were situated  on such a long way off them?


  “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.  And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”   Gen. 6:12-13.

  About which "earth"  the  talk  is  here?  Answering this question, even a lot of christian authors for some reason took as basis not  the  biblical  testimonies but the known  "Dialogues"  of  Platon.  And it turn out that the date  of  Flood  was moved far back (in a X millenary BC), also the Atlantis was placed quite not there, where it  was situated really.

  But  knows somebody exactly where it was situated?
  Let us take risk to answer positively.

  Having studied attentively the biblical story about Flood (in original) and also the North Caucasus peoples legends (again not in translation, but in all the language wealth of first sources), Regelson and Chvarzkia  have arrived  to the precise conclusion: Atlantis - it is the bottom of Azov Sea.

  There, as also in many others places of earth were dwelling those, who later would  be named as people of Cro-Magnon type, but our authors call them "pre-adamites".  With the help of spiritual beings, who were quite  not  "light",  they evolved colossal psycho-physical  abilities. A proud and a cruelty became in result the main features of these "people". It was, so to speak, "the first attempt" to create the Man and it turned out to be a full crash.

  The  Atlantis  was  ruined, for it was a threat to the God's contemplation about  Man and  Creation as a whole.  However  the certain consequences of existence of Atlantis  are manifesting themselves till present time. And through  all  the  twentieth century  unceasing  polemics was continued: did the man  originated  from  Platon's  Atlantis or from biblical Eden?  Or, may be, these both are the same?  Regelson and Chvarzkia not only precisely distinguish this notions, but also  oppose  them as the rival or even hostile each other.

  Meanwhile  Atlantis and Eden  was situated  not very  far away one from another - as in the time so in the space.  Atlantis existed near of  Kerch  till  X  millenary BC and Eden appeared in the Black Sea region three thousand years after  Atlantis  downfall.

  Probably it caused of you a perplexity  the word  "preadamites". It is not necessary to be a linguist to understand; this means "the ones who lived formerly than Adam". Does it turn out, that authors, referring to Bible, simultaneously denied that the first man was Adam?   Yes, authors accept the conclusions of  scientific  anthropology,  which attributes  the origin of man on hundreds thousand  years ago.

  But at the same time they paradoxically continue to believe in the verity of biblical teaching about the creation of the man, including the chronology of this event. How they were able to combine the incompatible things?

  The essence of  matter is that authors are convinced:  Adam was not  a  biological ancestor of all the people on earth.  But among all the people Adam was first , who received - directly from God - the sacred  fire of genuine human personality.

  In this sense Adam was indeed created as a first man!
  He was created from preadamite, who was biologically completely identical to him, but as regards  spirituality  -   still  didn't  become the genuine man.

  That is the essence  of new idea: Cro-Magnon was only potential man, but this potential  should  yet  to be fulfilled!  And it was impossible to perform this qualitative leap in  development without  interference of the Divine power. Let's remember,  about the similar things was teaching reverend Seraphim of  Sarov, literally in the same years, when the  Darvin's  main work  was published:

  "Adam first was in everything similar to other animals.  But when  the Lord God breathed into his face the breath  of  life, only then,  by Moses  expression,  'Adam became a living soul', id est completely  similar to God" (conversation with Motovilov).

  But where  was situated this Eden, this Paradise, in which the Divine creation was accomplished?  Very likely you already  foresee our answer.
  If Atlantis - on the bottom of Asov Sea,  then...


  How it is said in the ancient Hebrew original of Bible,  this special, clean earth, free from evil, where the pre-adamit became Adam, was called  "Erez".  Let's  not  tire  the reader by linguistic proofs; we adduce only one example: the most worshiped mountain in Abkhazia, from the top of which "the youth goes down wise, but old man - young", up to now calls  Erzachu (the same Erez!).

  And about  the  whole Abkhazia they are narrating  the local legend,  putting these words in the God's lips:

"This land I kept for Myself, it is My own land".

   In the authors opinion, the tribe of pre-adamites, from which Adam biologically originated,  was called "adama", what  in Hebrew later would become to mean the "earth as soil", as distinct from  "erez" - the earth as territory. The likeness of "adama"  and "Adam" generates many misunderstandings in the interpretation of Bible.

  So the legend about creation Adam from adama (i.e. from one representative of tribe adama)  turned into  oriental fairy tale about the creation of man from clay  (from earth, soil or dust).
Protoabchazian tribe adama  even before of Adam creation was distinguished  among other Cro-Magnon tribes by its physical perfection and psychic maturity.

  Maybe they  preserved some  tracks  of Atlantis influence, as positive so, alas, negative.
  But only Adam who was transformed by God into the  man of contemporary type, has taught his kinsmen  highest moral values. Their basis - the worship  of the Single God (monotheism) and from this following  demand: to respect and love another people as his brothers, as children of the Celestial Father, who is common for all them . The fulfilling of these commandments and  permanent  contact with God made able the pupils (Adam's adopted children) to take the road of rapid spiritual and social development.

  However after the Fall  of Adam the forces of  evil, which preserved themselves on the earth after  Atlantis  perishing, captured them again. The most clear evidence of this was that one of Adam sons - Cain had killed his brother Avel.

  By the by, authors, following the Hebrew and Arabic legends, questioned the origin of Cain.   
  Would maybe the biblical "serpent" was indeed a man, the descendant of Atlantis magi called Nahash ("serpent" - on Hebrew) and real father of Cain? He seduced Eva in quite simple and contemporary sense.  A  "fruit"  having been eaten by Eva, was some kind of narcotic plant.  And written in Bible about this Nahash: "he was  most wise among field animals", the authors interpret remarkably simply. The point is that "field animals" may be understood on  biblical Hebrew as "living ones in field".

  This horrendous fact that one of the Great Teachers and God's Sons (namely so the neighbour tribes comprehended the Adam's sons) had killed another one, caused extreme bewilderment in the tribe of kinsmen and pupils of Adam. Uncomprehensible words of Bible that "earth (adama) is crying out about Avel's blood" we should to understand: "tribe adama cries out". And it became clear whom  Cain was so dreading when he complained to God: "everyone who will meet me, will kill me" - and he received some taboo sign to defend him from revenge furious adama.

  However following to Cain,  many of adama  began to betray  the testaments of their common father Adam, and some of them even began to leave their sacred land.

  The destiny of them who went away, was various.  Those who migrated  to west, in the region of present Anapa, found themselves under authority of fallen angels, which in ancient  times lived in Antlants bodies and now began to settle into adamites bodies.

  Someone through the mountain passes  reached the North Caucasus - and got in the sphere of influence of  tribe magi, who was keeping the remains of Atlantis tradition. Those who went to East received Cain as patriarch, who naturally began to rear them  in his own image and likeness...

  But only those who remained in the clean land of ascendants, had fulfilled their great mission   as spiritual children of Adam. In the history impressed in written sources they came in under common selfname "adigue" what we may translate as  "Ada" (Adam's)  "land"  (Ge).  The direct descendants of Adam were called "aergs"; in the great North Caucasian epos - in legends about heroic narts,  it was the name of  the wise teachers of narts, who received the highest spiritual  initiation.


  Yes, namely on Caucasus where Adam was created,  the "humanization of mankind"  began. And this great  affair  Noah and his ascendants  were continuing  - after the Flood from the Most High which changed all the motherland of adamites and neighbouring territories. The contemporary science is  testifying that here, not earlier V and not later II  millenary BC  the sudden increasing of sea level had occured.  According to Bible (more precisely to it's variant - Septuaginta) the Flood  date  determines near  XXXIII century before Christ  - science doesn't  contradict  religion  in this question. However, how it  fits  genuine science, the disputes about this theme don't  become quiet.

  What after all occured then?  Very likely, the earthquake destroyed the narrow  strip, which separated the Mediterranean Sea from the Black Sea (which was then the large lake).  The wall of water  rushed on the seashore lands which later would be called Kolchida and Kuban lowlands.  All the alive beings here were doomed to perish. Except those "earth creations", which Noah took into his Arc (we suppose, these were only  the domestic animals ).

  "And the Arc rested...  upon the mountains of Ararat " (Gen.8:4).

  The habitual wording; it is not  accidentally that they try to search  the Arc on the Ararat. But the word "ararat"  means on Hebrew nothing other than some "mountains" - it is not a proper name.

  In the "Book of Jubilees" which is considered as the most ancient among all the hebrew books, it is pointed other variant of the name of  mountain, where Noah came down from Arc: namely  the mountain of "Lubar".  Moreover this name is repeated there four whole times!  The hebrew commentators cannot say anything about this: as they assert,  there isn't anyone who know it!  And there is no likeness of this name in Mesopotamia.

  Meanwhile the geographic names with the root "lbr" is usual in Abchazia.  There is the village named Labra in the lower flowing of r. Kodor; may be Noah was building here his Arc. And he  moored  to the mountain Labir in region of Musser hills (Pizunda). This mountain is considered in Abkhazia as sacred. They say about it:

  "The mountain, from which (they) descended" (it sound in Abchazian tongue as "adlibara"!).

  The  Abkhazian  selfname is  "apsua"; the authors are interpreting  this word, reconstructing the Adamic (protoabchazian) language - as: "God's (An) water (ps) born (ua)".

  So the mountains people, who  survived the Flood, should have called  the patriarch Noah, didn't they?  Indeed Noah  emerged  from the abyss of raging Sea and suddenly appeared on the mountain, which  they  become to name "Adlibara".  It was the beginning of a new stage in adamites history; now  it became the history of Noah's sons.

  Sim and Ham soon went away at the far lands, and only Japhet  has remained with his father in the land of Adam. In the memory about Noah's Arc, about saving of people, who received "the breath of life from God", there would  be built  later the big Temple in form of Arc, on the top of mountain Ararat: it was the same temple, whichthe Bible describes and which the searchers saw.
   By the way, one Coptian legend points that Ararat Arc was not came there but was built namely here.
   It is likely that there are the several such sanctuaries: the old men  in  Abchazia  show  at least two mountains (Ahal-Ibachu and Erzachu), where  among eternal snows the remains of giant "ships" are  situated.
   But these "memorials" in all  their  prominence - are only  material signs, subject to  destructive   influence of    time.

  But  how was the deal with eternal, grand spiritual mission of  Noah  descendants - the adoption all the peoples into Adam kin?  Adamites were not able to have significant influence on human genofund: their amount was too little. Their mission was spiritual.  After learning the Caucasian myths and legends (first of all Abchazian), comparison them with biblical history and another spiritual traditions, the authors got to conclusion: namely from here, from the land of Adam,  the holy missionaries and preachers went around  the all continents.

  They were the grand travellers; according the Noah's  testaments the navigation became for them the holy deal, in which they have achieved the outstanding successes for that times.  It was namely they who transformed the people into spiritual children of Adam, performing the sacrament, which on adamites tongue had short and mysterious name: Abr.

   It was the covered by eternal mystery, deep hidden sacramental of radiant stone; the memory about it is remained as in fine legend of Graal so in adoration to celestial stone of muslim Caaba.  The root "Abr" sound in the first word of Bible ("bereshit" - in the beginning), in arabic "baraca" - the grace, in  the name of orthodox monastery being called  "lavra", and also in mysterious notion "labyrinth".

  The labyrinths, assembled from stones (on the North) or carved on the walls of buildings (Caucasus, Crete); the stone small houses - dolmens; esteemed "standing stones", wellknown Stonehedge -  are the forgotten signs of these roads, which have been travelled by adamites. These ministers of Graal, the keepers of mystery of Abr, were named by known to us word "abrec".  On Abchazian  tongue it sounds as "abrag", which means: "borning with help of holy stone". Also in the habitual understanding  of today,  abrec is a hermit, who lives outside of the common  norms,  the warrior of the right deal.

  And  maybe as the main one among ancient ministers of stone we should name the biblical Enoch, who, according the legend, had not known the death. There isn't  probably any place on the Earth, which had not been visited by this majestic patriarch - who was not recognised  by the "secular"  people.  He had changed a lot of names, one of which: Melchisedec, the king of Salim, who ministered to the Omnipotent God and had blessed the very Abraham.


  Of what kind was the sacramental  of Abr,  which made the people to be  human  beings?
The authors  seem  it  was so.

  ...Devoted one was coming up to the big stone, to plate with the some pit in the centre; it symbolized  the cradle of Adam and was realizing by people as imprint of God's heel. Then he had been laid in this cradle and they began the circle dance around the stone (similar to sufi's  Zichr). The dancing ones was uttering:

  "Let's  go round Thy Golden Foot!":

this exclamation  is  preserved in Abchazian cult of God's Foot.

  The adamic priest - aerg was standing in front of  stone and  poured the holy water on the initiated one.  After that he stood up;  aerg  placed right hand over his head, and then - has put on a head-gear resembling the foot  (the hat in form of foot  Abchazian  wore still in the Middle Ages)…  From now on he became the "son of Adam", has received the access to adamites mysteries  and  made the oath to observe the moral commandments of  adamship (the most ancient pre-image of Moses "Decalog" and Abchazian "Alamis”).

  The adoption of all the peoples on Earth to Adam's kinship was finished near to the middle of II millenary BC; the mission of the descendants of Adam and Noah was exhausted.

  But after this the beginning was made by the tribe of Abraham for the new Holy Land; there were the Jerusalem and the Gospel Mystery,  which revived the ancient Mystery Abr in the sacrament of water baptism. And  could it  be accidentally, that the tribes, which thousands years ago were appended to the mystery  of Abr,  became later  the grand christian peoples?...