Apostle John the Divine on Pathmos
Profet Daniel

Approach of millenary verge  has  heaved  the wave of apocalyptic  expectations. In this connection it is not surprisingly  the increase of interest to ancient prophecies. The famous  Nostradamus  prediction, which by direct text pointed at 1999 year, was interpreted as coming some "Great  Monarch", by the way from... the planet Mars! As if  he  ought  to help  humankind to settle all the muddles. However, if to believe the Bible, the saving will come not from Mars, but with  Christ through His Church. The Revelation of John the Divine (Apocalypse) is  prophesying  a  great and joyful event: it will  the ascending the throne of Jesus Christ  in this world. All the tragic and  gloomy  things are connected  with the despaired tryings of dark and powerfull forces to prevent their  defeat. Are there some indications in Bible, when all this events will occur? The  counting of time is pointed in the book of prophet Daniel:

"From the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the  Messiah  the Prince [shall be] seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times."  Dan. 9:25

So we have two dates: 49 and 434 years - second number means the  duration of Christ Kingdom on earth. In John Revelation it is named  "millenium".  In the end  of it - the last rebellion of the forces of evil and  then the  judgement  Day of world. The main contents of John Revelation - about first 49 years after "commandment to restore", and then  7 years the most strenuous  struggle (Dan. 9: 27).

  What   indeed means this  "commandment"?

The creation the  Israel  in 1948, the conquest of  Jerusalem in 1966 or the legislative affirmation of this annexation 1980? Which of these moments is the start of counting of apocalyptic time?

  There is the characteristic  vagueness of Divine prophesies, which hedges the human freedom:  the interpretation have several variants and may be doing without compulsion.
It may be that the apocalypse clock is not  turned on for the present and  the  moment  which is the beginning of count , will be other event,  the most important mystically - the decision about restoring  the  Jerusalem Temple. Who and  under which circumstances will take this decision,   who will really rebuild the Temple, all this is vague for the present.

This Temple is described in Bible by lofty words: "holy place", "sanctuary of might",  "God temple" - but  "the beast, who is emerging from sea", will capture it for three years and half year.

  There are a lot of indications that near 2000 or in a short time after this,  some important things will  occur,  however that will be not the end,  but  only the start of apocalypse epoch.
The world history by such interpretation  acquires the  sense  and goal - it is directed to the Christ kingdom on the earth. The  christian  Monarchy  was the  pre-image of it, although not perfect; the most significant spiritual and social movements of last  millenary  were connected,  directly or indirectly, with looking for this kingdom.
  However,  by which different modes it was comprehended!

  If to take the spiritual origins of main political forces of our time:  democracy,  communism and  fascism - it turn out  that  these all are fed by the energies of these expectations, which are increasing to the extent that times and deadlines are approaching. The  aspiration  to the Divine Kingdom on earth creates the spiritual axis of  the  Russian history, starting  from Prince Vladimir  and  all the  Kiev  period. The most  grievous   breaking  had been survived in the end of XV century, when the orthodox Kingdom (Byzantium) had been ruined, but Christ coming which was expected in 1492 year (7000 years from Adam creation, according to Bible chronology)  had not occured.

There are the convincing proofs to assert that  Sergius of Radonezh and all his followers laboured to build the  Holy Russia, being inspired by hope of near Christ kingdom. The reviving of this joyful apocalypticism and  creative spirit of Sergius epoch - it is a great, may be the only hope on future. But the tragedy of history is that several centuries for the normal development of orthodox culture was almost lost. Is it possible to make up for lost time?

  The wrong opinion exists that the II  Ecumenical Council  had condemned  the teaching about the  Christ kingdom  on the earth. What indeed  was condemned, only the teaching of Apollinarius  from Laodikea, who was  asserting that the Son is less than Father, because  the kingdom of Son is temporal whereas the kingdom of Father is eternal. This  objection  will  be eliminated if  there  will  not  Jesus himself at the head of "Millenary" Kingdom, but His faithful minister - the christian king. According to prophesies the  name of this king will  Michael and he will  by some especially close mode connected with the Michael-Archangel. It is namely he who will recieve the  authority  in 49 years  "from the going forth  of the commandment to restore Jerusalem".

The spiritual contents of forthcoming  holy epoch - the recovering from the consequenses of  sin (i.e. the coming off from God), preparing to the common resurrection of dead and the transfiguration of cosmos, starting from our earth. The God doesn't  make anything without  participation of man  but for the great deals the humankind needs the sufficient time.

   The  communist  revolution in Russia  and  fascist  revolution - in Germany ("Millenary reich")  were the most global tries to intercept the initiative and to build on earth the another kingdom. The nearer this epoch the higher the intensity of the struggle of dark forces against God.

  The forces of evil which have a feud with one another, only once and on short time will unite together - against the young Prince Michael, who will attract the hearts by the Christ love.  The leading force will  the fascism, connected with ancient,  god-fighting  tradition of Atlantis. But the most terribly thing  will  that  the normal, usual human societies  may be drawn  into this criminal trespassing union.  What testifies to such a possibility, it  is  the complicity of west democracies as to Stalin so to Hitler. The preparing of such global union  is the  same
"mystery of  iniquity", about which apostle Paul speaks (2 Thes. 2:7).

Moscow will  the saint Michael city , which will become in this time the spiritual  centre of the world - so are stating some prophecies. From here he will  "hold back" the forces of evil, hindering their rebellion against God.  Namely here, however, a main blow will be struck. The
"great apostasy" will  occur, people will betray Michael and during  the short time the  authority  will be captured by "the man of sin, the son of perdition" (2 Thes. 2:3), who will be supported by the forces of revived mystical fascism. The book of Apocalypse (Revelation) designates him  by the name "Beast", but church literature - by the name  "Antichrist".

  Those who will remain faithful to Jesus Christ and Michael, and will not worship Antichrist, in Revelation of John are named "New Israel": it is the new people, which is gathered from all the peoples of earth not by blood, but by spirit. The "beheaded" martyrs will resurrect and will become  the nearest assistants of King Michael in the settling of earth after troubles endured. This is  "first resurrection", pre-image  of  the resurrection all-embracing.

  Jesus Christ, Who is unchangeable as God, but is eternally growing as Man, He is waiting that we will follow Him in this creative growth.

The liberation of Russia opens the way for Jesus Christ  to ascend the throne. However our faith is for the present too weak or blind, meanwhile the forces of evil continue to act.

Prophet Daniel and Apostle John the Divine have predicted the light future.
But the way to the light will be difficult.
Lev Regelson.  "Science and Religion"  1992,  №3