Biological origin and Trinitary transformation. L.R.
Ovum in uterus
Egg-cell under microscope
The scheme of egg-cell
The Holy Trinity
Experience of the I or Self has the roots in biological nature of man, and decisive transformation should be carried out through likening to Jesus Christ, whose immaculate conception was performed through effusion of Holy-Trinity Energies into the mother egg-cell.

To be the individual person – it means to be something parted from world, to be an autonomous centre of will and action. Self-perception of I is possible only for monad, which is separated by shell from the outer world, and at the same time interacts with the world through this shell.

Basing on embryology, on the one hand, and on depth psychology – on another, we can understand the origin of the human's Self. A soul becomes the monad because she grows jointly with body from fertilized egg-cell (zygote) – the concrete person begins to exist since that moment when the merging of genetic material of parents occurs in the egg-cell. 

The structure of egg-cell is imprinted in the deepest layers of soul. The very soul arises as something whole as result of these first impressions of individual life. This soul-monad is arranged so, that all its energy, all reactions are aimed on the one task – to survive, by all means to survive! But there are a multitude of monads – and one for another becomes either means, or an obstacle for the survival and growth. Coexistence of monads is possible only by the restrictions reducing intensity of a life of each of them to safe level. The moral law, demanding to consider interests of other ones, contradicts radically with our essence as monad.

How to overcome the mode of human existence as monad, but to preserve the identity of the person at the same time? It would seem absolutely impossible, but there is one staggering fact: the person in whom such overcoming was attained – «the man Christ Jesus» (1 Тim.2:5). That was achieved owing to specific kind of His conception. In the "immaculate conception" the mother egg-cell had received an impulse to division, began the transmutation into embryo not under the influence of a man's seed, but as a result of effusion of Divine Energy of Holy Trinity. By this act the mother's X-chromosome had been changed into the Y-chromosome – if not so, there would be the child of a female sex. It is possible to assume, that such way of conception generates intercellular interaction of new type, bearing the some impress of the Holy Trinity. We do not know yet, what it means, but we hope, that the science will soon answer in due course this question.

Psychological essence of monad is the will to preservation of own being, the essence of trinitarian person – the will to the being of other ones. Jesus Christ as the God and as the Man is such a personality or more exactly personhood. The present mode of our existence represents various forms of the compromise between image of monad and image of Trinity. The love and altruistic movements of soul is well familiar to us. Without these properties the person would be an absolute egoist – it is doubtful, could he be called the human in general. However each our act of such type is accompanied by obvious or secret compensation – this corresponds to the monad nature. People willingly unite in the various unions for the sake of mutual aid: partial self-overcoming for the sake of self-preservation here takes place: most habitual of such associations is the union of  the man and the woman. The connection and interdependence may be so deep, that it is possible to speak about emerging of collective "monad" which affirms its existence as a whole. But such collective monads enter between themselves in ambivalent relations: simultaneously egocentric and altruistic. Besides, the individual beginning remains primary so any collective monad is capable to disintegration.

Whether there are examples of human behaviour in which the image of the Trinity is carried out to the greatest degree already at a present stage of human development? Most close to it is such psychological act as the sincere and secret prayer for other person. Here The God humbly represents Himself as the intermediary; thus He becomes one of participants of trinitarian relation. But these conditions are difficult to be fulfilled. How to make so that another one did not guess about our prayer for him? Otherwise we will by all means receive from him some compensation in the form of feeling of gratitude. To reach sincerity is even more difficultly – it means full absence the feeling of satisfaction from sainthood of my own act. Nevertheless, such fleeting movements of soul happen more often, than we think, for they always remain imperceptible.

But already now it is possible for us thanks to that Jesus has not become removed from us in the inaccessible greatness, but according to the Evangelic word, He «became the food for us»(Jn.6:55). If we could to receive this food with clear comprehension, in wholeness of our being, then our psychophysical nature would start to change gradually, according to His image and likeness. After Jesus – and together with Him – we can go anew through all history of our formation. It means to become as though «conceived anew» – in the same kind as Jesus has been conceived. Certainly, such meditation would be impossible without that picture of ontogenesis which modern embryology gives. Thereby the science, contrary to traditional opinions, gets soteriological value – together with belief. After all to be rescued – is to execute the insistent requirements of the New Testament «to be born anew, to be born from above, to be born of the Spirit».

The live evidence that the human being can be the complete image and likeness of the Trinity, for the first time in history was manifested in personality (personhood) of Jesus Christ. This quality is inherent Him by the nature, but for us it is the task and goal. The Church sacraments are necessary, but   they are insufficient for the solution of this task. Being inspired by the image of Jesus, holy ascetics have passed through considerable part of the way to this goal. Why they have not covered this way to the end, including the real overcoming of death? And why we consider that it is possible now to continue their work and to achieve more results? Whether we have something that they had not? Yes, we have. The gradual transformation of human mind have taken place for latter centuries from the auxiliary tool to the ruling force of soul, and then also of body. Certainly, the most difficult is not made yet – the subconsciousness has been not still mastered by mind. Nevertheless, we obviously have approached to the new step of the human evolution, have entered into the new historical age. The main forthcoming step in creative Divine evolution of the person will be the meeting of intellect with sainthood.

We are only on halfway from non-existence to being – the process of our creation is not yet completed. A guarantee of my being is not in me, but in Divine design about me. This design gives to the person an absolute value and unlimited prospect of growth. Only our incompleteness allows us to hope to achieve deep structural changes of the person. The Good Tidings begin with a word «metanoia» – a change (Мt. 3:2), and all Gospel, all New Testament only discloses this word.

If we will be able to manifest the potentialities of our body, created by the God, we can take the first step to the victory over death. Rebuilding of subconsciousness according to image of the Holy Trinity should lead to the thin, but decisive change (at cellular level) of those mechanisms which now lead to ageing and dying of organism. Now we are witnesses of the important break in studying of the reasons of these processes. There are no doubts about possibility of prolongation of life by means of medical methods. However for achievement of real immortality it is absolutely necessary, that these methods were combined with spiritual restructuring of the person according to Jesus Christ in Whom «dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily» (Col.2:9), i.e. the completeness of an image and likeness of the Holy Trinity.

Who to whom assists in this deal – the man to the God or the God to the man – we will not argue; it is only important, that it is the work together, the "synergy" of God and man. The true greatness of God is not that He self does the all, but that He  creates those who can do.